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FullSizeRenderI invite you to share in my story, a story of how I evolved into the person that I am today. I am a person that is here to help you improve your life, your passions, and your dreams. Nothing will change around you without opening yourself up to change. I am here for you!! I look at my life as chapters in a book. Here are brief summaries of some of the chapters.

My story begins…

Chapter 1: Early childhood up to High School

My early childhood encompassed multiple moves around the United States, in fact we moved over 20 times by the time I was 18 years old. I was born in North Carolina where my father was playing football for Duke University. Shortly after I was born my parents decided to move to Texas where my father started a painting business.

I lived there for several years until my parents decided again to move and we were off to Wyoming and Montana for what I consider to be my actual home even though I only lived there a total of about 7 years. We moved to Red Lodge Montana after my parents both graduated from Montana State.

After my freshman year at Red Lodge high school we then moved to Oconomowoc Wisconsin where my father decided to become an Episcopal priest and went to Nashotah House Seminary. This chaos and uncertainty made if very difficult for me to maintain a sense of normalcy.

I ended up having to make entirely new friends before every school year as we moved every summer before school started to a new town.

I loved sports since I was a little boy. I dreamed of being a Dallas Cowboy. I played football, basketball, and track, rode bulls and broncos in rodeos and really loved calf and team roping.

While in Red Lodge I was all conference as a tight end and played in a state championship game in basketball as a freshman in high school. Right after that we moved to Oconomowoc Wisconsin.

It was a major adjustment moving to a large school in Wisconsin, class size in Montana was 34 and Oconomowoc was over 400 students in one grade. I struggled to fit in and belong however, I did end up lettering in 7 sports at OHS and was able to obtain a Scholarship to play football for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

Chapter 2: High School and College: The Out of Control Party Years

My years at Wisconsin were a major growing up and difficult time for me as I struggled to maintain any kind of life without alcohol. I had started drinking at the age of 12 I think mainly due to opportunity and lack of a sense of belonging.

Drinking became my best friend and was what I felt kept me sane. I was drinking almost weekly when I moved to Wisconsin where it continued to even get worse. While in college my partying continued and was pretty much out of hand.glenn1

My talent was able to keep me playing football and keeping the out of control behaviors hidden from many. Because of my drinking I had many things happen in college that paved my way to having some very hard lessons.

I was rated the number 3 offensive tackle in the entire nation after my junior year and was on track to be a high draft pick in the draft if I was to go out my junior year. This was a year after our head coach had passed away from a heart attack and we had an interim coach and then going into my senior year we got a new coach that completely changed the offense and my natural playing position.

glenn2I ended up being drafted by the New Orleans Saints and moved to Louisiana where I lived for 3 years and had a very rocky career plagued with injuries and alcohol and now drug abuse. I managed to get a free agent contract to Green Bay Packers where I was to take over the long snapping duties for the snapper who was retiring.

Upon my arrival to Green Bay I learned that the snapper changed his mind and was going to play one more year, which meant I needed to make a position. I was able to start a couple scrimmages at center but was in so much pain the game just was not fun or even manageable for me.

I was taking 5 to 15 Percocet pain pills a day and drinking any chance I could and was miserable. I had recently gotten married to a lady from New Orleans.

I decided to take a year off and get my ankles repaired surgically and the Packers told me that they would not allow this so I ended up walking away from the game. I did get surgery and was ready to play the next year and had a try out with the Lions but when I went there they flunked me on the physical which ended my career or chance to ever play in the NFL again.

At this point I was pretty much hopeless and unsure of where I was going to go.

Chapter 3: Recovery and Beginning of a Career Without Drinking and Playing Sports

My drinking and drug use was very bad and I needed to change my life some how. Fortunately my first ex wife introduced me to recovery and I was able to get a counselor and counseling to get sober.

I found a life again in recovery and was building my life well and met a woman in recovery that ended up becoming my wife. We had some very good years and I was working at a treatment center that helped young boys to change their life.

Chapter 4: The Present

Today I have two daughters who are the joy of my life and I feel very proud to be a good father. I struggled as a husband and my wife and I ended up going through my second divorce. I have had to work very hard at working on my behaviors and struggles that I had in my marriage.

I also became very distraught at my professional career partly due to the economy and I also was struggling greatly with the tug of my passion, which was not being met, in my career. These difficult challenging lessons have helped me to work with others going through similar situations.

I have always felt a pull from God to help others because of the story that I have and all the struggles that I dealt with. I am working on writing a biography that will detail the struggles and challenges that I have had in my life.

I have always been able to persevere through the tough times however; I have not always made the best decisions. I am a stubborn individual and have had to have the hammer I keep beating myself up with taken away by many wise people.

I have learned that I have an ability that is given to me by God to work with others. I believe that my father also had this gift as well (he passed away in 2013) the gift is a blessing and a curse as it is tough to understand what direction we are to go at times. My mother taught me deep devotion to a spirit as I saw her go through her own struggles to find peace. She has a gift to work with people who struggle deeply as well and for that I am grateful.

I think it also was due to the amount of times I have moved and changed scenarios in my life. I have ridden a motorcycle in every state with exception of Alaska, which is on my bucket list. I also lived in over 20 different homes by the time I was 18 years old. I have lived in 7 different states and have traveled to Europe, the Caribbean and Hawaii a couple times.

My life experiences and the work I have done to help myself have put me in position to help others. I have a passion and my authentic self is geared to help people find the power in their emotions to change their lives. I have been able to help thousands of young people, parents, school personnel and many other people that struggle with relationships and addictions.

I am a Power Coach and through the help of God I work with people to change their emotions into power to change the direction of their life into a positive fulfilling life.



Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors.

“I’ve been making a living, not making a life” — Jason Aldean

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” — Nelson Mandela



  1. Glenn,
    Loved your story. You have come so far. You’re a true inspiration, to others. Blessed in so many ways my friend.
    Much love to you and your beautiful girls.

    P.S. I look forward to that biography.
    You know I’ll want mine signed. Right?

  2. Stacey Sherrrill

    Very Powerful Glenn I to have been struggling with a personal relationship. I struggled for several years while i was raising my daughter. And now that she is grow and about to be married. I am finding that im not happy. I have decided that im hoping to make a move next summer. I have been at my present job for a short time so i am hoping by next summer i can transfer some where else in the country. And Ashley will be married and on her path i just need to find mine. Not sure that i have ever known what that is but im working on it. Thanks for your story Stacey

    • Stacey, thank you for sharing as well. Message me if you would like to discuss further! I will say a prayer for your situation!!!


  3. Glenn,

    I moved to Red Lodge in the 80s and lived in your old house…i left there in 89 and moved back to WY

  4. Glenn,

    I heard you on a podcast recorded in April, and I was inspired. Furthermore, I was born in Oconomowoc and moved to Minnesota as a freshman in h.s. I missed Wisconsin desperately. I’ve never struggled with substance abuse, yet people close to me have. I believe you’re doing so much good for society. I surprised that pro athletes drink, smoke, do drugs while playing. How’s that possible given the magnitude of competition, and physical demands?

    • Hey Robert, I haven’t checked in here for a while. Thank you for the kind comments! To answer your question I was very blessed with God given talent I guess and was able to do both. I do believe I never reached my true potential because of all the stuff I did but I cant go back now so I just try to help others who struggle with same thing I did.

      Again, Thank you!!

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