Politics, Religion why do these topics bring so much Angst in people and how does it effect me?

Politics, Religion why do these topics bring so much Angst in people and how does it effect me?

Politics, Religion why do these topics bring so much Angst in people and how does it effect me? And it sometimes infuriates me when I read so much stuff on social media. I find myself having to do 1 of 2 things. 1. Walk away and just not respond or 2. Respond and then feel bad because I get so upset about it. This leaves me with no peace which is exactly how I felt when I was a young man trying to figure out my way in the world.

We get messages and information and truth placed in our heads by our caregivers, teachers, peers and media from when we are little ones. This information we have no control over but based on our own learning we make a decision on what to do with that information. We can agree with it and fight for it and tell everyone else they are full of s*&t and we can accept it as real even though we really don’t know other than what we hear. Or we can disagree with it and do the basically same thing. Social media has increased the ability to spread information so incredibly quickly it is head spinning. Something can go viral almost immeditely and many people buy into it so fast that it really is scary to me how fast a lie can be turned into truth.

Why does this bother me? Well we take the information many times to get something such as acceptance, love, or some type of satisfaction that we are not able to get otherwise. For instance; a young man is really wanting acceptance and love from his father so when the father tells him something that does not make sense to the child they will push aside that thought that doesn’t make sense and accept it in order to get some kind of re-assurance from dad. If this happens a lot then our understanding of the truth may not be accurate. And when we get older we continue the same pattern of mis truths or misunderstandings or even flat out lies because we are still searching for that acceptance, love or nurturing that we all need and desire.

So when I see a post that says this:


Or this:

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Or this:

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It makes me think that everyone is a liar because I see people swear up and down that they have researched this and find this or that to be the truth. Bottom line is the the media uses the data to support their theory and that is no different than me when I am trying to teach my girls the way I want them to behave. Have you ever said that Santa clause is real to your kids? Have you ever said that saying the word hate is not a good thing and then you find your self saying out loud how you hate something? All of these things make us skeptical and leaves us to wonder what our real truth is. I believe that many people in our country really do not have a true authentic belief system that they can use to manage their days. When you do not have something to stand for strongly you tend to as the song says fall for anything. This leaves us empty and feeling less about ourselves than we should and robs of our peace.

It all makes sense to me that it is the exact same difficulties that many of us have when dealing with the people we love and care for. We tend to use the information (right or wrong) to make our decisions on how to communicate with our loved ones.

Many times even members from the same family grown up with different opinions under the same roof. Some of the family leans towards the left and some lean towards the right politically and they argue or believe their way to be right. How can this be??

Sometimes a mom has a strong religious belief and dad just goes along with it but really does not go to church regularly and or buys into the whole “God” thing. It leaves kids with mixed messages about religion. In our society today there are so many religions and beliefs because of the number of people that have come to our country since the time it was started that it leaves our society in the same predicament. I believe that is why many of the newer type churches that do not have a religious base but are more of the based on what Jesus says type churches are becoming so popular. It allows for the people to form more of their own authenticity instead of having to form to a certain belief or daily methodology.

Well along the way one of the family decides to go with what some of the caregivers say and believe it. While others learn from people outside their caregivers because it does not sit right with them or they see something or hear something from someone else a different truth and then they decide to leave the family to pursue their way of thinking that is different and many times causes giant rifts in the family.

So what does a life coach or counselor or pastor try to do to help the persons struggling with this?? Well I am glad you asked…. The good ones will spend their energy helping you to find the true authentic self that you were born with and help you sort through the messages to find out which ones really truly fit you and which ones are giving you direction that takes you away from who you really are and want to be. Many times I see this being the large reason for alcohol and drug abuse. The person has to numb themselves with chemicals because they are not working within their own value and truth system and it is so painful that they cannot function without a numbing agent. Once the person is on their path to what they truly are the alcohol and drugs become something that is not needed anymore and helps them to remain off of them.

The problem is that many of these messages are not authentic to who you are and they are not serving your best self but we many times do not even realize that is what is happening and we get ANGRY. We end up in a daily struggle with ourselves and can’t find the peace and serenity that it takes to find out who we really are and what direction we are really meant to go.

I have found myself with a new mentor, director, guide and his name is Jesus and what he writes about now makes sense after 50 years of questioning what was said because I never really paid attention to what he actually said and how it applied to me. I mainly was trying to fit into the way the religion was telling me I must and many times I would read something that Jesus said and it seemed to be almost the exact opposite of what the religion was telling me I needed to think. This same thing happens in politics.

So this time I have begun to really just read what he said or what others wrote that he said and looked at how that fits my authentic self and to this date I have not found anything that does not sit well with me. Religion did not sit well at all and I ran from all of it in my early 20’s and did not really return until about 5 years ago. I have messages to this day that are playing that infuriate me about me and I am doing whatever I can to change these because I do not enjoy being angry and infuriated. I have found peace for I think the first time ever in my life at least since I was a little kid that I can remember.

I know that when I read something on social media and I think how the heck can that person buy into that information as truth? I know they are well educated and smart. I know that whenever I have talked to them they seem reasonable but then they post “THAT” and I scratch my head thinking they are f*&king idiots. But now I am going to start and I have been recently beginning to think that it has nothing to do with intelligence but it has to do with the messages that they have bought into as a young person and on and on.

Does any of this resonate within you?? Can you Relate to any of this? If you can please find someone to help you sort this out!!

IF you really want to search and find that true authentic self inside you. If you questions who you are and why you do the things that you do. If you get angry at others for the way they think and want to find some peace from that I highly recommend finding a coach.

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Have a great day!!!


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