I Finished!! I am now a IIEE Certified Power Coach, Here is what is new for me!

I Finished!! I am now a IIEE Certified Power Coach, Here is what is new for me!

Good day everyone!!!

I have completed the certification from the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. http://iiee.training/founders/ This is exciting for me and I have found the direction that God is pushing me to go.

This training is very in depth and taught me many things that I want to pass on to you! Using emotions are a powerful way to change you or your young athlete. By learning how to use them in the correct way can literally change your entire life direction in a relatively short amount of time. Unlike traditional counseling, empowerment coaches teach you to look forward to your emotions such as anger, depression and others to catapult you into making positive changes. I love counseling and have had 1000’s of hours of counseling myself and am not saying not to use counseling. But Empowerment Life Coaching process is something that I have really enjoyed going through myself and my clients have also gained a lot from.

I used to dread when these emotions came to me but now I can’t wait to see what message God has in store for me and where I am going to go next by welcoming the emotion and using it to motivate me to change.

A passage from John Wooden “Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court” helps to drive this point home. Denny Crum mentioned this about Wooden “His willingness to listen to the ideas of others and his lack of ego allowed him to change and keep up with the ever-changing game. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he was soft. He was as tough a competitor as I have ever met at everything we ever did together. From cribbage to snooker to free-throw shooting, he gave no quarter and asked none in return. He wanted to beat you at your best—and usually did.”

Although John was way before the empowering emotional change that the IIEE teaches it is the same type of coaching that made John Wooden so successful. Having this emotional empowerment defined and brought down to laymen terms for you is what makes this type of coaching so valuable.


My practice is evolving but here are the questions I want you to ask yourself to see if I am the person that you would like to help you out.

1. Do you have a son or daughter that is struggling in their athletic career because of any of the following?
A. Difficulty with their emotions regarding other players or their coaches.
B. Dealing with social pressures
C. Difficulties with drugs or alcohol
D. Lacking motivation

2. Do you struggle as a parent in how to deal with your child’s behavior?

3. Do you struggle with dealing with your child’s coaches or other parents on the team?

4. Do you struggle yourself with any of the above issues for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these I can help you. I have different packages available to assist you to get through these problems. Contact me at glennderby@mac.com or 262-894-2662.

I am a power coach with Glennderby.com as well as co-founder and trainer with Steve Stark at trenchtraining.com. I also am coaching freshman football for the Hartland Arrowhead program as well. Coaching is my business and passion and will be my last career. These three components are the direction that I have chosen. I have enjoyed the previous careers I had, the led and taught me to get to this chapter and I am extremely excited for the future. I welcome you to become a part of the excitement.

Building Trenchtraining.com with the new knowledge I have with empowering others emotions is a powerful way to help young athletes better their game to be the best players they can be. Steve Stark and myself are extremely excited about the direction our coaching business is growing to help young athletes learn the proper skills and techniques to play the game of football in a safer more effective method. Please visit trenchtraining.com for more awesome posts and information on Football.

Trenchtraining.com offers clinics and trainings for parents to help them understand the game of football as well as helping parents to feel better about the new methods and knowledge that is out there showing that football is a very good extracurricular activity for your son and daughter to be a part of.

Trenchtraining.com offers clinics and trainings for coaches to help them teach young athletes proper Offensive and Defensive techniques that work with youth players as well as high school and even college athletes.

There is so much more information and exciting things that are happening with glennderby.com and trenchtraining.com that you need to sign up for (both sites have a link that you put your name and email in and you will get weekly updates and articles that will help you with many different topics) both so you can get the content that Steve and I are putting out there for people to use in their everyday life.

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