Cant you see?

Cant you see?

Gonna take a freight train
Down at the station, Lord
I don’t care where it goes
Gonna climb a mountain
The highest mountain
Jump off, nobody gonna know

Can’t you see, whoa, can’t you see
What that woman, Lord, she been doin’ to me
Can’t you see, can’t you see
What that woman, she been doin’ to me

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I’m gonna find me
A hole in the wall
I’m gonna crawl inside and die
‘Cause my lady, now
A mean ol’ woman, Lord
Never told me goodbye


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These words and this song hit me deep inside a long time ago. 27 years ago actually. I have always recalled times in my life when this song comes on that brings me back to the pain that I felt in those moments and how I loved to play this song. I would even play it before games to get fired up.

Little did I know that 27 years later the song would mean something totally different to me.

This is very important that in the next paragraphs I will be referencing “that woman” and this phrase is not a particular woman or women in general. I believe that “that woman” signifies the world and the flesh to me. I am quite sure that many women would change this to be “that man”, or some would change it to be “that parent” or “that teacher”. I hope this does not offend anyone as it is not meant to.

Now I realize that the song will take on a new meaning that is much deeper than just being angry at others for what they did to me. And that the true meaning of it is that I can find trust in something much deeper and more sustaining than myself. Many times I stood at the cliff wanting to jump. Many times in my life I pondered just ending the pain by ending my days on earth and would hope that God would just take me away. I put myself in very bad situations because of this pain and desperation of wanting to belong or to find that certain someone to help take away the pain I feel.

Even today as much work as I have gone through to find the answers, I still struggle at times with this strong desire to find someone other than me or my higher power. I think we all to some degree struggle with the trust and the anger that comes from it. Being able to find the meaning of where it comes from helps. Finding daily tools to cope with it helps. But finding who we are truly meant to be is the answer in my opinion.

I have been working with others for over 22 years to find what makes them tick and to see what “that woman” has been doing to them all. Life is very tough and it brings on amazing challenges to all of us. Finding help and finding perspective on “that woman” is key to finding happiness.

Now that I have a couple weeks of thought after doing this video it still rings very true to me that “that woman” is the world and the flesh. It is what Jesus talks of in most of his teachings. He tells us that we need to trust him, we need to put our faith in his teachings and I believe that the more I study what he tells me the happier I will be.

When I was on the ground looking at my daughters and thinking what can I teach them if I survive this and I know that it is the lessons he has given us. To not have to jump off a mountain because nobody is going to know. It is to find a power that is by your side through all the pain that “that woman” is going to bring to you.

2 years in the life coaching business and 2 years on a journey to get myself in shape has really been a great adventure in self discovery. I find at times that I have it and know it and then it will slip away. When I get back from the trip I was gung ho to get working on the anger video that I want to do and life got in the way. I got sidetracked with many different tasks that needed to get done. That is life and how it will push us away from our mission.

I made a statement in the video that I have a goal of becoming a life coach who uses faith as his guide to coach. I will use this in all areas of my life. Coaching my daughters to learn tools to help them through life, coaching coaches to become better leaders and coaches, coaching football players and athletes to find their true athletic potential and most importantly coaching myself to become a better man each and every day.

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Soon to come, article and video on Anger and social media. Please check back.

Have an awesome day!!


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