How do we become grateful for Homeless, Refugees, Addicts?

How do we become grateful for Homeless, Refugees, Addicts?

I love that so many are looking to help Veterans because of the recent publicity regarding Refugees!!! So I know how we can help refugees, We can provide temporary shelter and food for them but I would like to hear all those that are wanting to help the homeless veterans. gratitude homeless refugee children of addicts addicts? Gratitude is needed for Homeless, Refugee, Children of Addicts, Addicts themselves etc. Where is the gratitude? Why grateful???? Because that is one way you can feel better about yourself when you actually go find one of these people and offer them experience, strength, and most of all hope!

Because the reality is many of these are homeless because of addiction issues. They also have been provided some counseling and other help and have burned through it. Here is the reality and I am all for helping others but the reality is are we as a nation willing to provide enough mental health, addiction help and programs that will be there for the long term for these people. And it is not just temporary.

We are so egotistical that we are willing to spend billions of dollars when we have these people in our own country that are so sick that they are homeless, hopeless and dying in our own streets. Think about this for a second before you throw out an opinion. Listen to all others not just the people you are comfortable with. It is easy to hide behind a platform or ideology because that is your comfort zone. Change does not happen there. It happens when we go out from comfort zone and are vulnerable to be burned some. Being burned is not the end of the world in fact it is where we make the most growth in our life.


As a country we need to look at our priorities and the consequences of our actions!! By continuing to chase after terrorists and most likely we will enter into another war we need to realize that we are creating even more hopeless people. Once you lose hope and we have millions of people in our country that really have little hope.

80 something % of people in the city of Milwaukee do not have a church that they feel good about going to. This is one place that people can find hope.

Many do not feel good and hopeful at their schools. Jobsites, homes, etc. This recent publicity brings a lot of opinions on who needs help!! So now the questions that need to be answered is how does the rubber hit the road so to speak??

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and all the other hopefuls for the next president have a huge burden and in my opinion need to find ways to get this rubber to hit the road. By not taking care of our people and eliminating programs that are to help all we are moving so rapidly towards a 3rd world mentality of forgetting about those that cannot pull their weight because they are hopeless.

This is not the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s that we keep referring to as far as how to discipline, show hope etc. Todays people are not trusting what is being said because they now see how full of crap so many are when it comes to giving and offering help.

Do I have the answers? not all of them but I do know that the more love we show others will bring hope. Lip service is not love going and actually helping someone that is hopeless is what we need to do whether it is a homeless vet, a refugee, a child, a mother that is addicted to drugs etc.

There was a recent video that showed a priest laying on the doorstep of his church. He was dressed so that people would not recognize him and he was dressed like a homeless person. Very few and maybe none even stopped to say hi or to offer any assistance. I am guilty of this when I am driving around and I see signs that say “will work for food” and I have heard the stories of homeless that refuse food but only want money for their alcohol and drugs. I also know of people that actually pan handle as a homeless and then go get in a nice car and go to their nice home at the end of the day. This knowledge stops me from helping those. Am I wrong? do I ignore where I need to help? Well I may be but there is much more I believe.

No different than when they ask me to pay a $ for Childrens hospital or other charities at a checkout and I refuse and say I already pay elsewhere. This is the key what are we doing elsewhere? Are we generous and helping others to find nothing other but hope. Sharing our own experiences and wisdom can change a persons life. Instead of hiding behind a keyboard or hiding in your home or car find the passion inside of you and where you want to help.

If you don’t want refugees to come to our country find out if there is another thing you can buy into. If it is passion for homeless vets find out what you can do.

UNFORTUNATELY IT IS EASY TO FIND AN EXCUSE AS TO WHY WE DONT HELP. Like I listed above for me I have those excuses as well as everyone else.

Find your passion for helping others. If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus then you should work on your relationship with Him and find the answers that he has. If you follow another then what is it that you are told inside to do? Is it related to love? If it is then I know one thing for sure. Inside all of us is the answer. The answer will find your way to freedom. It may be incredibly uncomfortable and painful but it is in there. Search, work, ask, talk, LISTEN, and find this passion that is in each and every one of us!!

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