Be Who You Are!

Be Who You Are!

Be who you are is a saying that I have come to use quite often. It is a statement that resonates with me similar to “being true to your self”. All of these sayings can provide meaning and direction when going through our lives.

Today I am going to blog on truth and why we must discover our own. As I was growing up there came a time in my life (I think it was when I was somewhere from 2nd to 4th grade or so) that all of a sudden I went from being a happy go lucky kid to becoming an angry young boy. I have some ideas of why and what happened but am not 100%. “Be Who You Are”!!

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As a young boy we moved around a lot and because of this I would  be moving from school to school. I am not saying this is a bad thing or blaming my parents in any way I totally understand why they did it and have accepted it. What this does for me is to explain though somewhat why I am the way I am. How I could have come an angry young boy even if we had never moved. So where does this fit in with my truth? I had to learn to adjust to new people and kids. We all know how difficult kids can be and how tough it is to fit in. Being a very tall kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s tall was not nearly as accepted and looked upon as a good thing. There were not the cool clothes in tall sizes and there was not the actors etc. That were tall. So my truth was that I was not cool, I was not in the in crowd and struggled with this. I went inward and became quite shy and reserved when in public. But when I was with my family I was a difficult brother and son. I demanded things, I would be extremely mean to my sister and brother and I was very rebellious with my parents. So my truth then was something that I did not want to be but it is what I became. So I would find my truth in others because it was too painful to use my truth. I felt alone, not worthy and it drove me to not like my truth or who I was.

I looked to try to be the other kids and wanted to be in the “in crowd” so much. I did not fit but I tried to change myself to fit. It never felt right but I did it because i wanted it so much.

When we love others it is also very important to find our own truth and allow the to find theirs. Others that love us cannot give us truth. They can make suggestions and can give support but this is something that is deep inside of us that I believe is God given. Even with all the experiences that I had it did not nor do I believe it will ever change our truth. Our truth is how God made us and it is something that is non-negotiable. We spend thousands upon thousands well probable millions now that I think about it changing our truth. We change appearances, things, houses, relationships etc. to avoid our truth.

Unfortunately we most often need to struggle, fall on our face, fail, be confused, frustrated and in pain to learn what our truth is. I am now starting to slowly figure out that if I go left when I know deep down inside (my truth) is telling me to go right and I go left there is typically pain there. When I was younger I liked that pain. It felt comfortable to me. I was used to it, I actually loved the challenge of it. But as I have gotten a bit older I am not liking pain near as much. So I need to go deeper earlier and more often to find my truth. “Be Who You Are”!!

So all those people that have your back can help and are good to have however, Do NOT rely only on them. The truth that you seek is inside you and you alone will be the one to find it. I believe that in order to find this truth you need to build a relationship with your creator. I choose to believe that my creator is God and Jesus. The more I follow what Jesus has taught the more I believe I find my truth. All the commandments, The absolutes, The religious ways used to steer me away from my truth until I really have begun, I have a long way to go, to find out what it truly means to follow Jesus teachings. For now I focus mostly on the two commandments that he told us are the most important. 1. Love God and 2. Love our neighbor as ourself. “Be Who You Are!!


As I post often it is important that we understand we cannot give something away that we do not possess. So in order for me to love another I first have to truly love myself. When I started this journey of finding my truth I did not think it would be near this long and near this intense and painful. I also did not think that my life would change as much as it has. I have started to really enjoy this process because once I truly know who I am I know that I will be ok in any and every situation that comes my way. I believe that God is everything or he is nothing. Because I believe that he is everything the more I get to know my truth the more I am getting to know God.

If you are looking to find love outside of yourself in order to find your truth you will as I did find loneliness and chaos. If we look to drugs or alcohol (they are one in the same to me) to find this truth then you will be left feeling empty. If you look for a relationship that will “complete” you then you also will as I did many times find yourself alone and empty.

But the good thing is that if we decide, and this is a decision that is yours and yours alone, then we are promised a more fulfilling life. As I blogged in past it is important to realize that it may and probably will be painful to choose this path. But this pain is the way to finding your truth. God loves lost people and he sent Jesus to help show them the way through his teachings. The more we can follow these teachings the better chance at peace we have.

Be Who You Are is not something to take lightly if you are one like me that was lost, sad, lonely, angry, frustrated and more.

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Have a great day!!!!


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